Deckbuilding also is a reflection of your metagame.

For those of you not familiar with this term, the metagame is the type of decks that you consistently see in your playgroup. Also referred to as “the meta”, it refers to the decks that people are playing.

Who is playing what decks? What are the cards that are threats? What do I consistently lose to? These are questions that identify the elements of each playgroup’s metagame.

All Magic decks undergo transformation as new cards come out that people begin to use. Adjusting to your play group is an important part of deckbuilding, not to mention a constant aspect of it.

For instance, if you play with people who use a lot of artifacts, you will want some form of artifact removal in your decks to handle them.

Additionally, if your friends are playing with a lot of creatures, you will want single-target kill spells to get rid of the more threatening ones. While your deck will require its central focus, metagame adjustments are important to deckbuilding because they help you to win.

The meta is a pretty in-depth concept, and we go into it much deeper

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