From: Joshua, Nick, and Brad

Co-Founders – The Casual Planeswalker

Dear Friend,

We can’t wait to tell you all about The Casual Planeswalker, and the benefits of being a part of our family…

But first, We’d like to tell you a story.

We want to tell you what motivated us to start all this in the first place…

The three of us (we really are three college friends who love MTG)!
We Couldn’t Just Sit There and Watch!

We can all remember when we first started playing Magic together – at our college, it was easy to get together an excellent group of Planeswalkers to duel at just about any hour of the day…and it was a BLAST! Win or lose, we all learned how to play the game together, brought new players into the mix, and even got to be pretty good at strategy -but the whole time, we had fun doing it!

Then once we started going to more serious events and saw the intensity – the ruthlessness with which a lot of players were playing – it was appalling! We all start playing the game, not because it’s a way to show our superiority or the size of our wallet – but because it’s one of the most fun games ever created.


We Owe it to You!

We realized that if we “stood on the sidelines” and watched the Magic community devolve into some sort of barbaric sport…we would lose interest in the game we all loved, and many others would too.

If we didn’t find a way to unite all of the cool, amazing, and fun-loving players we had met across the time we spent playing together, there might be others who became disillusioned with Magic and some of the fun-sucking players that exist out there would drive away these wonderful would-be planeswalkers. This just plain bummed us out.

That’s when we made the decision to do whatever it took to preserve the best part of Magic – the FUN while creating a place for new and casual players to work on our deck building and playing skills, without the judgment and pressure that comes from competitive environments. And if that meant creating a website that didn’t yet exist, well then we had better start learning how to do just that…


Who Has Thousands to Spend?!

We quickly figured out that even though we had been playing Magic for years, we really didn’t know the first thing about certain aspects of the game, which give those hyper-competetive players the edge and make us feel like we don’t belong.

Sure, there are other Magic strategy sites and even some books telling you tons of stuff about every $400 dollar deck and detailed mana curve analysis under the sun, but nothing seemed to tell us the in-depth information in a way that we could understand, and still think of Magic as “fun!” Plus, we didn’t want to have to be millionaires just to be “good” at Magic.

And since there were millions of other Magic players who we knew were casual players for the fun of the game like us but still wanted to constantly get better, We realized that they must have been just as frustrated as we were with the lack of good information.

So that’s when we started The Casual Planeswalker and decided to write “The Casual Planeswalker’s Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding”.


Can You Say, “Freakin’ Awesome”?!

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve grown to include the best community of amazing players who love to get better at playing with their casual playgroups! And I’m proud to say that we’ve created much more than a book – we’re created a very tight-knit community of folks from all walks of life…

If you’re like us, We’re confident you’ll be very happy to become a member of the The Casual Planeswalker community.

If you feel the same way we do about Magic: The Gathering, friends, and fun, We’d be honored to have you as one of us.


Joshua Fassett, Nick Roelofs, and Brad Osborne,

Co-Founders, The Casual Planeswalker, LLC

Co-Authors, “The Casual Planeswalker’s Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding”