ow much do you want to spend on your deck?

This is often an important question to many players. A lot of people want a fun deck, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Keeping a deck cheap but fun is not always easy, but I like to remember that…

…a good thing to do is set out a budget beforehand…

so that when it comes down to it, you will allow yourself only so much money in building the deck.

You can pick up more pieces when you want to invest more money in the deck later.

[Pauper format is a style of deckbuilding that limits the rarity of the cards used to primarily commons with a limited number of uncommons and oftentimes no rares allowed.  [highlight]Rules may be adjusted to fit your playgroup’s desires[/highlight].

It provides a fun alternative to competitive deckbuilding and costs next to nothing.]

One thing to think about is if the deck that you want to build is worth it. It may seem fun or interesting in theory, but in practicality, you may never win a single game with it.

What do you do to avoid this?


There are a variety of ways to playtest a deck idea, to ensure that it works. Even professional magic players playtest their decks simply to see how well they will hold up against other professional decks. Similarly, playtesting your own idea will prove how successful your deck will be when you have assembled it.

One way to approach the idea of playtesting is by creating proxies, or fake replicas, of the card or cards you want to use. Many players do this by writing the names and abilities of the proxied card on basic lands.

This way, they are indistinguishable from other cards in the deck, and you can [highlight]use them as though they were the real thing[/highlight].

Another way to approach the idea of playtesting is through a variety of downloadable programs that you can find online that allow you to create decks.

You can then test them on the computer…

either playing alone or against other people online to see how well they work.

Using programs online such as Apprentice or Magic Workstation will provide you with free ways to test your deck before you buy or trade for the cards you need.

Playtesting will ultimately [highlight]save you lots of money on decks[/highlight], showing you what works and what doesn’t.

Everyone has had a deck that they think will be amazing, only to find out that it takes too long to do what they wanted to do, or it has debilitating weaknesses against many decks.

Saving yourself money will increase your enjoyment of the game when you only spend money on cards that are going to be worth it.

Some players spend thousands on making the best decks from the web…find out the down and dirty tips and tricks to building your own well-honed deck without spending any extra cash!