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Playing casual is a lifestyle. As a casual player, you think less about sideboards and more about Fatties. You spend less time following the big decks from last week’s Grand Prix, and more time innovating combos that will rock your playgroup.

Most of what you do is “Just for Fun” and we think that’s awesome. So, in our effort to always make you smile and to deliver content that players like you will love, we give you

Our Top 5

Magic: The Gathering Webcomics

1. Top Dorks/Casual Crew – Since I know you already salivate at the idea of your bi-weekly dose of the Top Dorks webcomic, created by our own Nick Roelofs, I’ll just consider this a reminder. They’re new every Tuesday and Thursday and they’re only getting better!


2. Inkwell Looter – This is my favorite new source of great MTG parody and satire. There is about a year’s worth of archive to check out, and, though the posts aren’t regular, the art and humor is second to none. Be sure to support him by following him on Twitter and “Like”ing his Facebook page.

Below is a lovely homage to the Stoneforge/Squadron Hawk combo that has been so prominent in Standard for what seems like years…

3. Tales from the Pit – Created by Mark Rosewater, Magic’s head designer, these comics center on the misadventures and productivity issues of the R&D department at Wizards of the Coast.

They’re pretty funny even if you don’t always understand the finer points of R&D which are being mocked. In the past month they’ve also been a source of spoiler-esque information on upcoming sets, like the victory of Giant Spider over Giant Growth.

4. Lotus Cobra is EvilHave you ever had the sneaking suspicion that a card wasn’t just “mythic” or “in need of nerfing”, but actually downright evil? If so, the folks at ColorPie.com share your paranoia.

In this webcomic, Lotus Cobra is depicted not as merely evil, but as the harbinger of hatred, death, and disease in this world – the very snake that tempted Adam and Eve. Basically, if you could imagine what it would be like if Storm Crow used his power for evil instead of good, that would be Lotus Cobra.

5. Manascrewed – This is the only webcomic to make our list that isn’t actually being produced any longer. Manascrewed was a great comic and the entire archive is still available on the site.

As you can see from the announcements on the mainpage, the artist just ran into that too-typical problem of having something he loved doing conflict with his “real life” obligations. This is one more reason to support the small-businesses in your cultural niche.



So, that’s the quick and dirty list of our favorite webcomics. Do you have some favorites that didn’t make the list? We are always looking to support artists, writers, and other creative minds involved in the MTG sub-culture, so let us know about your favorite comics, blogs, etc.


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