M12 Booster Packaging Spoiler

As we all head off to the Commander Event this weekend and get to play with the decks we’ve been reviewing and looking forward to for so long, already we start to turn our eyes toward the future of Magic.

Summer, with its unusually high frequency of releases, is an exciting time, and the next biggie is M12. We’ve been constantly updating our new text/visual spoiler, and we’re always on the lookout for the newest bits and pieces of information regarding this latest core set.

So, having said all that, here it is: The next big release of information on M12. This time it has come in the form of our being able to check out the packaging for M12 Boosters. First we’ll show you the box and then we’ll look at the artwork on each individual pack.

Next we have the individual boosters to show you. There is one booster picture for each of the five colors depicting a creature or planeswalker that is emblematic of that color.

We don’t yet know precisely which cards the art on these boosters have been taken from. We know from our spoilers that each planeswalker has a series of spells associated with them, but none of these are yet complete.

Each of the five selections is appropriate for its color, which is pretty typical for a Core Set. It’s a little strange that two planeswalkers were used for booster covers and not all or none. So, Garruk is here representing green, Chandra is in for red. In blue we have a sphinx, in white a soldier, or perhaps a giant. Finally, a demon in black.

I love the artwork on these boosters, and its exciting to start to see what the M12 product is going to look like. Stay tuned to the Casual Planeswalker blog for all your updates on the upcoming sets for this summer, and beyond.

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