Killer Combo – “Ring Around the Rosy”

If you haven’t already heard the historical interpretation of that children’s rhyme, make your day a little cloudier and read up.

We’re really excited about M12 here at The Casual Planeswalker. We’ve been preparing for the release of the Core Set for quite some time and we’ll have a big announcement pertaining to M12 later this week. Stay tuned!

Core Sets are a great way for new and inexperienced players to play with classic cards and play in a Limited environment which is easier to learn and understand than standard expansions.

White, in M12, has some great enchantment support, so a red/white enchantment build make for a really fun casual deck. Consider making this combo a fun centerpiece of that deck.

Manabarbsplus signPersonal Sanctuary

First of all, let me just say that I love the flavor text on Manabarbs. As much as I admire the sentiments of Kamahl, pit fighter, a central character from the Odyssey block, I’d rather have a way to turn that double-edged sword into a strictly offensive weapon.Kamahl, Pit Fighter

Personal Sanctuary is a great way to do just that. It allows you to tap your lands without feeling the burn during your turn.

Unless your opponent is packing green/white enchantment removal, this is going to be a hard combo to break up. Add in an Aegis Angel
Aegis Angel
to protect one of them and you’ll test just how tolerant your opponents really are.

If you continue to build around this combo, feel free to throw in a few Auramancers
for extra insurance, a Mesa Enchantress
Mesa Enchantress
for card draw, and you’ve got a fun, casual enchantment-based deck.
We’ll keep the M12 combos coming this week, along with some addition discussion of the newest core set and what’s coming next!

Look for Innistrad spoilers to start later this week!!!




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