Reigniting the Spark

We are back everyone! After a long absence we are glad to return to give the latest in news, tips, and tricks for all the Casual Planeswalkers. We’ll have new articles from myself as well as from our newest author Ben Bateman who started with how he was introduced to Magic on Wednesday. And what better time to return than with the upcoming release of the next casual Planechase set coming June 1? We’ll be going into the cool cards in this new set soon as well as cooking up some hot combos from the previous Innistrad block as well. For now, here’s a quick rundown of the next set.

Planechase was a great casual format first released a few years ago with new plane cards. One plane would always be present on the battlefield with a static effect that applied to everyone. Players could roll dice to try and change to the next plane or activate a chaos ability that usually did something pretty cool like playing creatures for free, adding tons of mana to your pool, drawing cards, and more. Planechase 2012 adds a bit more complexity and allows planes to do a lot more than the earlier cards. Some planes have you planeswalk away through abilities on the plane card itself, for example. Of course, the real draw of the new planar cards are the phenomenon cards. These cards will show up as you planeswalk, but instead of having a static effect these cards will do something awesome, like destroying all creatures, and then moving to the next plane card. This should add a bit of variety, instead of having a simple game of moving to each plane one after another.

Like every new set, Planechase 2012 will come with 4 new decks and 21 brand new cards that will make a great addition to many casual decks. Many of these cards bring back abilities from older sets including ninjutsu, devour, cascade, and totem armor. It’s great to see the return of these abilities and what better was to do so than in casual sets? We’ll take a look at these new cards and the new decks soon, but for now it is just good to be getting back to the Casual Planeswalker!

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