Killer Combos – “A Zombie in the Hand”

…isn’t nearly as good as one in the graveyard. But what is the quickest way to get him there?

This week we’ll be looking at a couple of fun combos to try while M11 and M12 are both in Standard. When the rotation occurs with the arrival of Innistrad (check out spoilers here), these fun combos will be gone as well.

Traumatizeplus signVengeful Pharaohplus signVisions of Beyond

First, please keep in mind that all of our combos are meant for casual play, not made to be tournament winners. They are fun little mechanics to build a casual deck around, and while they may not stand up to Caw-Blade at FNM, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be a kitchen-table hit.

Rage Nimbus

This combo in particular is one that will please players who like to win big. There aren’t many good reasons (other than some psychological troubles that we’re not going to get into) to hit yourself hard enough to induce memory loss, but that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do in this combo.

The procedure here is simple, use Traumatize to dump (hopefully) two or three Vengeful Pharoahs into your graveyard. Then, sit back and just see if your opponents are willing to attack.

Once half your library is in your graveyard, Visions of Beyond becomes Ancestral Vision
Ancestral Vision
allowing you to draw (and discard) more Pharaohs, hit your land drops and draw into Sorin’s Vengeance
Sorin’s Vengeance
, or to refill your hand with Mana Leaks
Mana Leak

Reassembling Skeleton
Reassembling Skeleton
would love to find his way into the dustheap this way as well.

Throw in a few Tormented Souls
Tormented Soul
and you’ll have your opponent on a clock. Or, to ensure that you’ll be bringing your Pharoahs back from the dead, play R/U instead of U/B and let Rage Nimbus force your opponent’s creatures to attack.

Untap, Swing, Fling, repeat.

All this combo brainstorming makes me want to brew this thing up myself… Any thoughts about what else to include? Leave us a comment.




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  1. Things to consider adding

    1. Skaab Ruinator
    2. Ponder
    3. Forbidden Alchemy
    4. Armored Skaab
    5. Dream Twist
    6. Laboratory Maniac
    7. Memory’s Journey

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