Killer Combo–“Fresh Eldrazi”

Eldrazi decks are always fun to play. It’s great to have one of the greatest threats to the multiverse under your control, allowing you to annihilate your opponents field merely by attacking. The Eldrazi are expensive but handy little Eldrazi Spawn tokens can make themselves useful by sacrificing themselves to give you some extra mana. These little guys are only 0/1s, but with so many cards that create them it’s very easy to end up with five or six of them within a couple turns. You can get out your big Eldrazi with these spawn, but some may have gotten wind of your plans and have a simple Doom Blade
Doom Blade
or Go for the Throat
Go for the Throat
to cut down your 8/8 annihilator 2 as soon as you spend your 8 mana to play him. An Eldrazi deck needs options and a solution comes from another scourge of the Multiverse: The Phyrexians.

Fresh MeatPlus SignEldrazi Spawn











Fresh Meat is a great card that can replace your lost army with some beasts after your opponent wipes the board with Day of Judgement
Day of Judgement
or any of the many other mass removal spells in Magic. Really though, it doesn’t need to be your opponent that sent your creatures to the graveyard. You can sacrifice all your creatures if you feel that some 3/3 beasts would serve you better. This works great with the Eldrazi Spawn that usually aren’t doing anything but waiting for you to sacrifice them.

Eldrazi Spawn, like any creature in Magic, will go to the graveyard when they die. The rule that is different for tokens is that once they hit the graveyard they cease to exist. They still count for a creature being put into the graveyard for fresh meat though. Any Eldrazi Spawn you sacrifice that turn will get you a 3/3 beast if you use Fresh Meat.

Combined with even a few Eldrazi Spawn this can be devastating. An army of hungry beasts is pretty good. An army of hungry beasts with a huge Eldrazi to back them up is great.

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  1. I’ve been doing this in a deck build around Mitotic Slime/Ashnod’s Altar/Genesis Wave ramp with Overgrown Battlement, Vine Trellis, and Wall of Omens for extra defense, spin, and mana boost. It’s great to empty your deck of permanents, clear your board of creatures with the Altar, and still wind up with an army of 3/3s if the combo gets stopped short by Counterspell or something. Oh, and I threw in Gaea’s Blessing to ensure that my library doesn’t STAY in my graveyard.

  2. this isn’t a good idea because the token when die don’t go into graveyard: the tokens are removed (exiled) and so we can count them as creature that go into cemetery!

  3. “Fresh Meat counts all creatures you owned that went to the graveyard this turn, including creature tokens that entered the battlefield under your control and nontoken creatures you owned but didn’t control.” ~Ruling on ‘Fresh Meat’

  4. When tokens die, they hit the graveyard like everything else, but they’re removed from existence as soon as that happens.

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