Limiting M14

Shivan Dragon
I’ve been playing quite a few M14 drafts lately, and I thought I’d drop in and give you guys some of the things I’ve noticed.

First off, if there were any set that I described as being “bomby,” this would definitely be one. There doesn’t seem to be that many ways to answer the bombs of the set. I’ve watched as multiple drafts have been won by simply casting Shivan Dragon.

Does that mean that the set is broken? Well, not exactly. It just means that you simply have to play limited with a different mindset than you may go into other sets with.

What I’m saying is that you’re going to find a very basic approach is going to be the best here- “back to basics” more namely. This means that you’re going to have to win this the way that classic sets were often won. How is that you might ask?


Yes, simply flying over your enemy and having some basic removal is likely going to be the ticket in this set. I can’t say it’s not a viable strategy in nearly every core set, but this one in particular has very few other alternatives. You’re not going to get many crazy combos off here (not to say there aren’t any), and you’re definitely going to have a hard time drafting any sort of weenie deck.

In what I’ve found, nearly every uncommon and common 1, 2, or 3 drop is severely outclassed by almost any 4, 5, or 6 drop in the set. This has a few implications for tempo, and also whether or not you want to be on the play or the draw here. I’m not going to say that you definitely want to take the draw in this set yet, but I’m definitely starting to think that the draw might be the more opportune position without early game threats to worry about.

Going back to the only ability in this set that seems to have any influence, flying, I’m forced to say that blue has a clear advantage here. Having 90% of the flyers in the set plus having most of the removal and card advantage is, in my opinion, an advantage that no other color even compares to.

I’m noticing that blue is drying up more and more in recent drafts though (as other players are undoubtedly starting to notice), so splashing another color is becoming more and more important.

I have just been watching for signals from my side and trying to cut red whenever possible, but I haven’t really found a clear advantage in other colors yet. I just like red, and it’s a style that I can relate to (BURN BABY, BURN!!!!).

Just make sure that you’re pulling removal and flyers with as many cantrips as you can pull off. With this slower format, you’re going to want to start loading up on answers, and that means cards in hand.

Keep it casual

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