So this is Joshua still with you here.

Looks like I get to hang out with you for the entirety of today’s post (lucky you, I know that’s what you’re thinking)!

So it all builds up to this. The moment of truth.

Where does it go?

Where does the wind go when it flies by? I’ll tell you.

It goes here <====

Most of the common questions and struggles that new and even experienced players come across when deckbuilding are taken head-on by our book: The Casual Planeswalker’s Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding!

In addition to a much more thorough explaination of the “Basics” of Deckbuilding, the book goes much further into detail.

Some of the topics include:

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  • Player Types – Who are you?
    -In-depth analysis of Timmy, Johnny, and Spike
    -How to play as each type
    -How to play against each type
  • Deck Types
    -Agrro -Burn, Weenie, Beats
    -Control – “A Waiting Game” / Counterspells – When to counter, when to fake it /
  • Mono-Colored Decks
  • Toolkit Decks
  • Over-arching strategies
  • Combo
  • Synergy
  • In-depth strategy
  • Casual Deckbuilding
  • The Basics
  • Budget
  • Deck Size: Does it Matter?
  • Stayin Focused
  • Identifying “The Meta”
  • Mana
  • Curve
  • Other Mana Issues
  • Broken Mana?
  • Creatures
  • The Biggest, The Baddest, The Best
  • Dual roles
  • Legendary Creatures
  • Aggro Creatures
  • Control Creatures
  • Combo Creatures
  • Non-Creature/Non-Land Cards
  • Removal
  • Draw Poker/Card Advantage
  • Keeping It Casual
  • Broken, Banned, and Restricted
  • Deck Evolution

Each topic is broken down to the bare essentials and presented to you with rich, full-color pictures and formatting. We even included some all all-time favorite decks that you can purchase even on a humble plaeswalker’s budget!

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