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Phylactery Lichplus signDark Ritual
Today’s word, children, is “phylactery”. A phylactery is an amulet or charm. More specifically a phylactery is that thing that your opponent uses to clean himself up after you play an indestructible 5/5 on the first turn – or at least that’s what it sounds like…

Dark Ritual will help to ensure that Phylactery Lich is your game-opener, but, as you can all see, the Lich won’t be surviving very long unless his phylactery – in this case a stone or vial from D&D lore – isn’t attached to artifact in the vicinity. So, in order to actually pull off a first turn play you’re going to have to have an artifact on the board before the Lich hits.

Luckily we’ve got a number of ways to do that in Standard today without the inconvenience of actually paying for it. In the case of Darksteel Relic, you can even ensure that the Lich is more or less in it for the long haul. However, don’t get too cocky or a Hex Parasite might end the Lich’s run by eating his soul…

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