Killer Combo – “Lather, Lash, Repeat”

Spellskiteplus signLivewire Lash

Spellskite is one of the most exciting cards to enter Standard with the release of New Phyrexia. You’ll see it included in plenty of competitive maindecks and even more sideboards.

What’s great about Spellskite is that he acts as a spell-absorbing wall around you and your creatures. The fact that his ability can be activated not only by paying one blue mana, but by paying two life gives him the flexibility necessary to be a truly powerful card.

By attaching a Livewire Lash to your Spellskite, you’ll be able to add injury to insult when your opponents spells bounce off you and stick to Spellskite. Remember though, Spellskite must be a legal target of any spells you send his way.

If you really want this combo to be lethal, get a couple of Spellskites on the battlefield and use their ability to switch the target of a spell back and forth between the two, every time a Spellskite equipped with Livewire Lash becomes the target, the Lash will deal the two damage.

If your opponent doesn’t have an answer, you’ll be able to spend blue mana and your own life to switch the target as many times as you need to. Keep in mind also that you could be the one to initially target the Spellskite which is carying the Lash, you don’t need to wait around for your opponent to cast the right spell.

Let me know how this one works out for you! Have fun, and keep it casual.

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