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Boros Goblins (Standard) – Deck Tech by MTGGoldfish

You love you some goblins, don’t you? Admit it! Check out this fun Standard boros (white/red) goblins deck built by Ross Merriam from Starcitygames. It incorporates some new fun cards from guilds of ravnica! SaffronOlive gives a breakdown and some alternate options. Check out the video, decklist, and more articles below! Watch On Youtube  …

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(29 Tix) 12 Bolt by MTGGoldfish [Modern] – Fun, Competitive Budget Burn Deck!

Love Burn? Love Budget? Love Winning? Well there’s an amazing new deck that you must try out! SaffronOlive has released what he’s saying is probably the¬†most competitive budget deck he’s played yet. That means if you’re strapped for cash, you can pick up this deck and actually have a good chance of being VERY competitive…

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Five Color Panharmonicon [Standard] – by MTGGoldfish

Do you love exploiting the Panharmonicon creature ability triggers? SaffronOlive is the master of this fun card, and since it’s rotating out of standard, he’s been spending all week playing Panharmonicon brews (Panharmonicon week!) Check out a live twitch stream playing a super fun and spicy five color brew: Watch On Youtube    

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Evershrike By MTGGoldfish [Modern] – Modern Mayhem

Watch Saffron Olive pilot the latest jank in the form of this fun graveyard-enchantress -ish style deck built around Evershrike – a bizarre creature that demands the deck be built entirely around it. Basically, it tosses lots of things into the graveyard (Dredge style) then Evershrike comes back out at a discount price + a…

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Sly Sword (Modern) by MTGGoldfish Gameplay – Modern Highlights 11/12/18

Watch SaffronOlive from MTGGoldfish pilot “Sly Sword” a fun modern deck featuring nice combos between Thopter Foundry, Sword of The Meek and Whir of Invention, among others. Watch The Deck Tech and Gameplay Video Watch On Youtube More Info On The Deck: Read The Full Article On MtgGoldfish Full Decklist: 4 Chromatic Star 3 Darksteel…

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Watch Me Play – BR Wheel of Time in Modern (By MtgGoldfish)

Hey there! Joshua here, and I’m back to show you my underwhelming performance with a deck featured in an instant deck tech by SaffronOlive from Mtggoldfish. Original Deck Tech: Youtube Video Article¬†on MtgGoldfish It’s a black and red deck featuring the card reforge the soul and other wheel effects, combo’d up with cards like liliana’s…

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[Standard] Goblin Gift $49 (19 tix) By MTGGolfish – Standard Highlights 7/31/18

[Standard] Goblin Gift $49 (19 tix) By MTGGolfish Are you ready for some standard goblins in the Dominaria and M19 era? Well SaffronOlive from MtgGoldfish has got you covered! Check out this awesome new deck with yes, the infamous Gobling Chainwhirler, but also some not-so-well known characters, and a surprisingly fun and effective syngergy with…


MTGO Gameplay: Ghalta Gearhulk (By MTGGoldfish) Budget Modern

I sat down to play a couple games with my new favorite modern/standard deck, Ghalta Gearhulk by Saffron Oliver from MTGGoldfish. You can pick the deck up for about 30tix on mtgo, so it’s super easy to get. It’s an absolute blast to play. Lots of dinosaurs, a bit of removal, some ramp…and oh yeah,…