Garruk the Protector, Plus a New Jace and Chandra

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Check this article for “New Jace

Over the past weeks, since the release of the M12 promotional pictures, there has been lots of speculation as to which planeswalkers would appears in M12. Sorin has been confirmed, Gideon we are almost sure of, but a disturbance in the force last week suggested that an advertisement for M12 in Japan revealed that the reprinted Jace, Chandra, and Garruk have different names than their previous incarnations.

The question then became, “What can we expect now that we have NO IDEA what our remaining three planeswalkers will look like?” Obviously Jace won’t be The Mind Sculptor, and Chandra Ablaze was considered more or less a failure by Wizards R&D.

Today some new images surfaced that are mock-ups which are a mix of spoiler and speculation on the new planeswalkers. The Japanese text for Garruk, at least, is available here, and we’ll assume that the translation is accurate. The art for all three of the cards below, we hear, has been “confirmed”. The abilities (and titles) on Jace and Chandra are still completely, out of the air, speculative, however.

Thanks to Arthur Halavais for these mock-ups. Check him out on Twitter:!/ahalavais

Take a look and let us know what you think!



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