Better known as the “tournament player”, Spike players are players who like to win simply for the sake of winning. Competition is what drives them to play the game, and they play the game for the prestige of being the best.

A lot of non-Spike players may tend to dislike Spike, because they may think that Spike has too big of an ego. Spike says the proof is in the pudding… whatever that means.

There are those Spike players who aren’t tournament-goers, who simply enjoy the aspect of winning, or they enjoy the promise of power that comes with having the strongest deck at the table.

These casual Spikes have a tendency to try and dominate group games, manipulate other players, and hold their trump cards until the last minute when they can wipe any other players out of the way and claim victory for themselves.

Being a Spike is not necessarily a negative term, as some players might think. Instead of enjoying the prospect of having the biggest creature on the table or pulling off some crazy combo, Spike players enjoy winning.

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Simplistic as it may seem, it validates their experience with the game when they can walk away with as many victories as possible. Their opponent might have had them on the ropes, but as long as they squeeze out the victory, the game was worth it for them.

But what do Spike players like to play?

It is difficult to pinpoint a specific deck type for Spike players

because these players primarily enjoy the aspect of winning as opposed to what they are winning with.

Control decks, decks that force the game in a certain direction are the most commonly utilized Spike deck, but they are not necessarily the deck of choice for all Spike players.

Since Spike players like to win, they will build whatever deck wins them the most games, which might mean that they drift into Timmy and Johnny territory in their deckbuilding.

The more powerful decks, the better cards, and the quantity of wins are those things which Spike players find the most important in their gaming experience.

[highlight]Drawbacks to being a Spike player[/highlight] include attempting to wield powers outside of your control – using expensive cards or through net decks. The term net deck refers to copying someone’s deck from online – one that has been used by many players or has garnished many wins from tournaments.

Some Spike players can become focused on using only the “best” cards, without an understanding of how or why those cards are good.

Continuously buying these cards can be very expensive, and reliance on only the “best” cards can be limiting in your casual gaming experience – not to mention costly.

The process of deckbuilding is an integral part of being a casual player. Certainly the experience of winning and having good cards is a fun one, but building, playing, and winning with a deck that was built on your own is a victory in and of itself.

A player doesn’t have to own expensive cards and pull the best decks off the internet in order to be a better player, and learning how to build decks in addition to how those decks work is an essential skill for all Magic players.

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