Theros Card Talk: Shipwreck Singer

Shipwreck SingerI’m always interested in multi-ability cards in new sets.

These seem to be the places where the absolute most broken combos are found, and rarely am I disappointed in this venture.

I’m not saying every mulit-ability card is a winner, it’s just that it’s pretty frequent that there are a few of them that turn out to be sad faces for your opponents.

Today, I want to talk to you about Shipwreck Singer.

She’s not exactly hearty at 1/2, but she’s not really going to be used in aggressive decks.

Clocking in a UB for casting cost, she can be a bit tricky to get out turn two without a good draw, but I’m seeing her as a real hit in limited.

Now that I’ve had some more time to play around in drafts, it’s been more and more clear that these games are going long, and I’m seeing a lot of 1/1 white soldiers thanks to Evangel of Heliod among other tokens.

Her constructed viability seems rather light, since I don’t see her fitting into any big decks that exist right now, and there doesn’t seem to be any chance of a UB deck needing her somewhat expensive (by constructed standards) ability.

I don’t see many constructed decks lying around with two extra mana on turns 3/4/5, and her -1/-1 ability will be far outclassed by the late game in constructed formats. The taunt is cute, but it’s not going to win any serious matches.

Back to limited though… I think she’s just the right kind of utility to get you through to your late game heavy hitters.

Slowing down any aggressive deck long enough for you to draw into your wins is exactly what she will do, and she can taunt a low-power creature with deathtouch into attacking, preserving your larger threats.

She just simply locks down any 1/1, as it can no longer attack unless she tells it to, and any 2/x or 3/x 4/x becomes a lot less scary when she’s singing your victory song on the battlefield.

Shipwreck Singer may not be a first pick in my book, but I’m definitely going to be eyeing her pretty hard for 2nd or 3rd turn picks- and certainly grabbing her if I’m even remotely considering U/B in my colors.

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