MTGO Gameplay: Ghalta Gearhulk (By MTGGoldfish) Budget Modern

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I sat down to play a couple games with my new favorite modern/standard deck, Ghalta Gearhulk by Saffron Oliver from MTGGoldfish.

You can pick the deck up for about 30tix on mtgo, so it’s super easy to get. It’s an absolute blast to play. Lots of dinosaurs, a bit of removal, some ramp…and oh yeah, this really sweet combo between Combustible Gearhulk and Ghalta, Primal Hunger…and also, well pretty much all the other dinos in the deck.

combustible gearhulk

ghalta primal hunger


Basically, when you play gearhulk, either

  1. you get to draw 3 cards OR
  2. your opponent lets you reveal the top 3 cards from your library, and they take damage equal to the converted mana cost.

Ghalta costs 12 mana so…there is some wicked potential for damage without anything else happening. I’ve seen it do over 20 damage in a single flip.

So that’s just lurking in the deck, not to mention it’s a fun and decent aggro deck with lots of stompy dinos.

Also, with regosaur alpha, it’s pretty easy and achievable to have a hasty Ghalta pretty quickly…which is naaasty for opponents.

Anywho, here’s the first couple games.

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