Killer Combos – “Life and Death”

Phyrexian Unlifeplus signDeath's Shadow

When the Casual Planeswalker Crew went to the New Phyrexia Pre-Release, some of the cards we were most looking forward to snatching up were those employing the new Phyrexian mana symbols. Cards like Porcelain Legionnaire
Porcelain Legionnaire
and T-t-t-Thundering Tanadon
Thundering Tanadon
(inside joke, but I hope everyone else feels as silly as I do saying this card’s name – goofiest name since Wooly Whatsit, I mean, Woolly Thoctar) are still wreaking havoc in our playgroup as we experiment with decks restricted to the Scars block.

In the sealed event I played in at the Pre-Release, my rare from NPH was Phyrexian Unlife, a card that isn’t great in a Limited setting, but has proved to be a lot of fun in Constructed. I first threw the enchantment into my “Life for Death” pre-con, then made some alterations, picked up a full playset of Unlifes and have been tearing things up with a Red/White Phyrexian suicide deck.

So far I’ve had a lot of fun with Phyrexian Unlife, and I haven’t even started making decks with the broader range of cards. My first thought about Unlife in Standard is to combine it with Death’s Shadow.

As early as the third turn (with a Dark Ritual
Dark Ritual
) you can play your Unlife, attack with Immolating Souleater
Immolating Souleater
, pump him to reduce your life total to nothing (or next to it), and even if he doesn’t connect your opponent will waste a spell or blocker dealing with him.

Nine times out of ten your opponent is going to Doomblade
/Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt
/Glissa’s Scorn
Glissa’s Scorn
your Souleater, which will make them even less prepared for the 11/11 Death’s Shadow you play in your second main phase.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with Phyrexian Unlife. Please comment and let us know how you plan to exploit this card, or add to this combo. Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Near-Death Experience, Fling…

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