Killer Combos – Das Ubermyr

Myr Superion Semblance Anvil

When I first looked at Myr Superion, I thought: “OMG! It’s Juzam Djinn!” (Did anyone else think for the longest time that Juzam Djinn was awesome and legendary because he cost BB and not 2BB? The “2” is so faded that I looked at my Magic: The Gathering Encyclopedia for years thinking it was an impossibly good creature.  I hope I’m not the only n00b that thought so…)

Anyway, Myr Superion is a big, bad vanilla for two mana, and it appeared to me initially that I’d need a Priest of Urabrask/Gix or an elf-deck to play him (the idea of having two smaller Myr in play beforehand doesn’t seem all that viable to me).

Juzám Djinn
Fear no more! Throw that bad-boy in an artifact-creature deck with a Semblance Anvil and go to town! I was already experimenting quite a bit with the Semblance Anvil I pulled at the NPH Pre-Release and found that there very few non-artifact situations in which it was helpful. However, if I’ve got Myr Superion and any way at all to go looking for him or keep filling my hand, I can play my 5/6’s for FREE!



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