Casual Friday–Prevail at FNM

Jor KadeenIt’s the last day of the week and work is over! It’s also a great day for Friday Night Magic with tournaments at local stores across the globe. The last thing I want to do at these tournaments is wrack my brain on how to beat Caw Blade or whatever deck is dominating standard. I’d rather make a new deck that’s fun and try it out against whatever decks everyone else has come up with and share ideas. Each set has some really cool cards that may be underrated or are just really cool to play. Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer is one such card from New Phyrexia that is also a legendary creature ready for some Commander action to boot.

Like any proper card from Mirrodin, Jor Kadeen reaches his full potential when surrounded by artifacts.New Phyrexia in particular gives you some awesome cards that work well with him. Oddly enough, the coolest cards that could go in a deck with Jor Kadeen are on the Phyrexian side. Slash Panther can be used to surprise opponents with 7 damage and Porcelain Legionnaire becomes even more deadly as a 6/1 with first strike. Even Vault Skirge
Vault Skirge
and Phyrexian Metamorph
Phyrexian Metamorph
would be great additions even if the deck is just R/W. These are all artifact creatures too, making it even easier to reach metalcraft. Living weapons are even better, boosting metalcraft, providing creatures, and becoming a source of further power boosts for other creatures. Skinwing in particular would be great for adding some evasion to the deck.

Slash PantherPorcelain Legionnaire

Equipment can be a great focus for Jor Kadeen. With some Puresteel Paladins
Puresteel Paladin
, you can negate the high equip costs from the living weapons and attach them at your leisure. An interesting infect deck could be made with Razor Swine providing at least 5 points of infect damage or more with equipment! The abilities of equipment and Jor Kadeen can also turn Ogre Menial
Ogre Menial
or Priests of Norn
Priests of Norn
into more fearsome offensive infect cards. Red is also home to great cards for offense such as Act of Aggression
Act of Aggression
to turn your opponent’s creatures against them with improved damage capabilities and Volt Charge
Volt Charge
to take care of pesky creatures while proliferating an extra poison counter.Skinwing

Jor Kadeen is obviously a leader with that power-boosting ability, but can he make a good commander? He comes from a long line of R/W creatures that provide boosts to creatures such as Nobilis of War
Nobilis of War
and fellow legend Agrus Kos
Agrus Kos, Wojet Veteran
. A great token deck can be made with someone like Jor Kadeen as a commander. There are some awesome token generators of all types such as Rapacious One
Rapacious One
, Kher Keep
Kher Keep
, or even Nuisance Engine
Nuisance Engine
which can generate artifacts to ensure metalcraft is always active. With Jor Kadeen and his predecessors, some battle cry creatures such as Heroes of Oxid Ridge
Hero of Oxid Ridge
and Bladehold
Hero of Bladehold
, and a good deal of token generation, you can be sure to have a powerful army ready to finish off your opponents in no time.

Red and white are some of my favorite colors in Magic and Jor Kadeen illustrates one of the coolest results of combining the two. Jor Kadeen leads armies into battle against his enemies and with him in command very few can stand against them. Try out Jor Kadeen if you haven’t in either a 60 card deck at the latest FNM or as a commander in the coolest multiplayer format around!

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