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Casual Friday–The Doctor is in

Posted by DJ - August 12, 2011 - Blog

As a bit of a Johnny, I’m always looking for cards that need to be figured out. They aren’t simple cards like Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt that can be useful in almost any deck; oftentimes these cards can be worse for you if you don’t build a deck to suit them! I’ve been looking through […]

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Deck Library – “Montoya’s B/R Vampires”: A Victory for Casual Play

Posted by zach - June 12, 2011 - Blog

This may seem counterintuitive, even paradoxical, but I’m going to take a moment on this blog to praise the decklist of the winning player at this weekend’s SCG Open Series in Denver. This isn’t unusual at all for a Magic blog, but we’re more of a kitchen-table crowd here and we like our Magic like […]

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Good to Great – “Jedi Mind Trick: The Bluff”

Posted by zach - June 1, 2011 - Blog

Being a casual player means quite a lot. One thing it means is that Magic isn’t your sole source of income and therefore probably isn’t something that you typically spend a significant portion of your income on. In the coming weeks we’ll have some great posts on budget Magic, but for now I’d like to […]

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Killer Combos – “Life and Death”

Posted by zach - May 30, 2011 - Blog, Killer Combos

When the Casual Planeswalker Crew went to the New Phyrexia Pre-Release, some of the cards we were most looking forward to snatching up were those employing the new Phyrexian mana symbols. Cards like Porcelain Legionnaire Porcelain Legionnaire and T-t-t-Thundering Tanadon Thundering Tanadon (inside joke, but I hope everyone else feels as silly as I do saying […]

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Replace or Double? – Considering Close Resemblances

Posted by zach - May 25, 2011 - Blog

There are many cards in Magic: The Gathering that are equivalents of cards that were printed in earlier sets or editions. These are typically called “functional reprints”, but I think that term falls short on account of the small (but significant) differences between the variations. There is also a long list of cards that are […]

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