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Killer Combo – “Clear Your Mind… and Your Library”

Posted by Joshua - August 10, 2011 - Blog, Killer Combos

Do you, like myself, wish for the day when you could slap a Glimpse the Unthinkable Glimpse the Unthinkable down on the table and watch your opponent wince slightly at the thought of having to throw 10 cards straight into the graveyard? I longed for those days until I saw this new little diddy that […]

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Killer Combo – “Infinite Regress”

Posted by zach - June 22, 2011 - Blog, Killer Combos

Commander, for those of you who are new to the game, is a casual format that used to be called by its player-given name: Elder Dragon Highlander. Anyone who isn’t up on the old-school terms should learn that Elder Dragons were a series of tri-color legendary dragons in the creatively titled MTG expansion, Legends. The […]

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Killer Combo – “Hide and Seek”

Posted by zach - June 13, 2011 - Blog, Killer Combos

                    We spent Game Day at Hall of Heroes – a great little shop in Mt. Pleasant, MI, and we had a lot of fun despite the fact that we were rather poorly equipped. Having just got in from Colorado all I had was a Pre-Con […]

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Killer Combo – “Word of the Day”

Posted by zach - June 8, 2011 - Blog, Killer Combos

Phylactery Today’s word, children, is “phylactery”. A phylactery is an amulet or charm. More specifically a phylactery is that thing that your opponent uses to clean himself up after you play an indestructible 5/5 on the first turn – or at least that’s what it sounds like… Dark Ritual will help to ensure that Phylactery […]

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