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There’s a lot that I can say about deckbuilding, why you should buy our book (oops, getting ahead of myself, haha), or why I think that Wednesday is less adequate than Thursday, but I am going to let you know something else first. I want to give you this letter written by me and my two best friends and fellow casual planeswalkers, Nick and Brad.

I want you to get to know us a little bit, and then you can see what we’re all about!

From: Joshua, Nick, and Brad
Co-Founders - The Casual Planeswalker

Dear Friend,

We can’t wait to tell you all about The Casual Planeswalker, and the benefits of being a part of our family...

But first, We’d like to tell you a story.

We want to tell you what motivated us to start all this in the first place…

The three of us (we really are three college friends who love MTG)!
We Kept Running Into Players Who Weren't Having Fun!

We can all remember when we first started playing Magic together - at our college, it was easy to get together an excellent group of Planeswalkers to duel at just about any hour of the day...and it was a BLAST! Win or lose, we all learned how to play the game together, brought new players into the mix, and even got to be pretty good at strategy -but the whole time, we had fun doing it!

Then once we started going to more serious events and saw the intensity - the ruthlessness with which a lot of players were playing - it was appalling! We all start playing the game, not because it's a way to show our superiority or the size of our wallet - but because it's one of the most fun games ever created.

It's Our Responsibility to the Magic Community

We realized that if we "stood on the sidelines" and watched the Magic community devolve into some sort of barbaric sport...we would lose interest in the game we all loved, and many others would too.

If we didn't find a way to unite all of the cool, amazing, and fun-loving players we had met across the time we spent playing together, there might be others who became disillusioned with Magic and some of the fun-sucking players that exist out there would drive away these wonderful would-be planeswalkers. This just plain bummed us out.

That's when we made the decision to do whatever it took to preserve the best part of Magic - the FUN while creating a place for new and casual players to work on our deck building and playing skills, without the judgment and pressure that comes from competitive environments. And if that meant creating a website that didn't yet exist, well then we had better start learning how to do just that…

So Many Unanswered Questions!

We quickly figured out that even though we had been playing Magic for years, we really didn't know the first thing about certain aspects of the game, which give those hyper-competetive players the edge and make us feel like we don't belong.

Sure, there are other Magic strategy sites and even some books telling you tons of stuff about every $400 dollar deck and detailed mana curve analysis under the sun, but nothing seemed to tell us the in-depth information in a way that we could understand, and still think of Magic as "fun!" Plus, we didn't want to have to be millionaires just to be "good" at Magic.

And since there were millions of other Magic players who we knew were casual players for the fun of the game like us but still wanted to constantly get better, We realized that they must have been just as frustrated as we were with the lack of good information.

So that's when we started The Casual Planeswalker and decided to write "The Casual Planeswalker's Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding".

Wow! I Had No Idea How BIG This Would Become!

Since our humble beginnings, we've grown to include the best community of amazing players who love to get better at playing with their casual playgroups! And I'm proud to say that we've created much more than a book - we're created a very tight-knit community of folks from all walks of life…

If you're like us, We're confident you'll be very happy to become a member of the The Casual Planeswalker community.

If you feel the same way we do about Magic: The Gathering, friends, and fun, We'd be honored to have you as one of us.


Joshua Fassett, Nick Roelofs, and Brad Osborne,
Co-Founders, The Casual Planeswalker, LLC
Co-Authors, "The Casual Planeswalker's Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding"

I know that’s a big letter from us, but we wanted to seek out our brothers in Magic. You know who you are.

You are the ones who get together with your friends, buy a case of Mountain Dew (maybe two cases if it’s going to be a good night), and prepare yourselves to duel the snot out of each other until the sun comes up (or until you run out of soda because Pete only got one case).


Don't Let This Be You...


It’s one in the morning. You have been hovering back and forth over the “confirm” button for about a half-hour at this point. That’s it, you’re buying it, er, wait, hang on.

There’s that nagging feeling again. Is the deck actually going to work? Why wouldn’t it?

The darn thing costs nearly $100!!!

It has to be, well, at least reasonable…

So you buy it. You wait, silently cursing the mailman every time he visits without your precious cache.

Then comes the day, oh joyous day! You tear open the wrapping, pull out the cards (and confirm they are all there because you are prudent like that), shuffle them up, and then do what any good planeswalker would do.

You call up your friends and demand that you all play tonight.

As they are all good friends (and you promised to buy 2 cases of Mountain Dew), they agree to your terms.

The time comes; you shuffle your library as you stare down your opponent.


He has no idea what is about to hit him.


You chuckle to yourself as his inevitable demise looms overhead.

The first few turns go by, and he comments that he hasn’t seen that deck before. In this moment, you proudly explain that he is about to be defeated by your new deck

....only, there’s one catch...

Your new deck doesn’t really do anything for the next few turns, and you lose.

That’s OK. It happens. It was a bad draw. That’s all.

New game. You shuffle vigorously here-mixing your best pile shuffles with riffle and a few forced for good measure.

This pile has been shuffled beyond random, you console yourself.

Good start, he’s in for it now. It’s time to… draw dead.

How could this be?

Throughout the night, even your friend's pauper deck beat you down. The PAUPER DECK.


How did this happen?


You missed one of the CORE elements of deckbuilding and made one of the most overlooked mistakes in Magic.

This little blunder took you from the hall of heroes straight to the hall of shame.

Your next deck doesn't have to end in tragedy.

In fact, it can end in a night of countless victories!


That’s exactly why we created The Casual Planeswalker’s Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding


This puppy is jam-packed with over 100 fully-colored, beautifully designed (for reals- we actually hired a graphic designer just to make it look pretty on EVERY page)

The fun doesn’t stop with the design either!

It’s loaded with useful information from cover to shining cover (well, I guess it’s only shiny if your monitor is shiny because you get to have this beast NOW.)

The beauty of PDF is that you don’t have to wait for Bob from the warehouse to get off his lazy butt and ship your stuff!

What exactly does it cover, you ask?

Well, only all of the most critical parts of making decks that are both FUN and WIN.

And this is only SOME of the book!

How knowing 1 simple thing about "which player type" you are instantly unlocks your "super powers" as a Magic player - pg 7



I'll teach you a secret I learned from a math professor that will forever de-mystify the "mana curve" - pg 50



Watch jaws drop as you tell your friends how much MORE they spent on a deck that can't touch yours in our "building on a budget" section - pg 41

Stop the number 1 "bad habit" overnight that most magic players never even notice they're doing, and it costs them game after game!


Walk into the card shop next week with a smile on your face because you know the 10 secrets to "Deck Evolution" most players will never know


Bonus Materials


The Decklist Checklist -you'll never want to build a deck without this again

Casual Decklist - Amazing, fun and powerful decks that you can use as inspiration, or build for yourself!

Become an instant member of the Casual Planeswalker club, with exclusive access to news, tips, spoilers and more from the world's coolest underground society of casual Magic players


I know that all of this may be hard to swallow or even believe, but it’s true. You really do have an amazing opportunity here.

Hang on a second. Don’t take my word for it (We all can agree that I am a bit biased here).

People like the book so much that they are writing in to us to tell us how it impacted them! I couldn't believe that they were actually writing to us to thank us for the book!

Don't worry, I even checked our finances to make sure that nobody paid these guys to say anything to us. Speaking of things we paid for, I still have to look into those "R&D" expenses that were paid out to Pizza Hut. Something tells me that they weren't using that money to test new card ideas...


Tim W. from Wisconsin: "This book is an excellent book for Magic players of every skill level; at once a good introduction to Magic, a thorough refresher, and mostly, a reminder that we all play the game because it is fun!"


Laurel from Colorado:
"It was well-organized and offered a lot of insight for someone who is new to the ideas in Magic."


What’s That You Say?

You are winning more and more games?

Your new decks just seem to work right off the bat?

Your friends envy your newfound understanding of Magic?

Women are nearly knocking your door down to get a peek at the man who creates such irresistible decks? OK, fine. That one probably won’t happen. You never know though. If it does, we definitely need you to write in.

That’s just what happens when you get The Casual Planeswalker’s Guide to Deckbuilding!

We are so sure, that we will back you up with our legendary The Casual Planeswalker ultimate guarantee.

What does that mean?

It means that you will be 100% satisfied with our book and your service or you will receive your money back.

It means that your playgroup better be jealous of the newfound skills you have, or we want you to have your money back!

If you didn’t need our book, we won’t hassle you or bother you with silly “RMA” policies or runaround.

This product is who we are, and we stand behind it and your satisfaction to the tune of 100%.

Speaking of things you need…


How About Something for Free?


They say you can’t get something for nothing, but I live to defy.

The Casual Planeswalker’s Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding contains all sorts of useful things, like the Decklist Checklist.

What could such a product even be?

Is it a psychic monkey that throws bananas at you when you are about to make a mistake with your decklist?

Did I mention that this little sheet can turn a [future] frown upside down with ease?

How does it possibly do it?

Well, using The Casual Planeswalker’s patented** checkmark technology (apparently the monkey idea got scrapped in R&D after the primates repeatedly tossed fecal matter at the product testers), we have created a list of essentials for ANY deck that you create!

By using TCP’s revolutionary checkmark technology (pencil not included), you can give your deck a once-over using this sheet to ensure that everything is in working order!

The Deck has a central theme
The Deck is focused primarily into one of the 3 main types - aggro, combo or control

I have enough lands for the deck I want to play

- 18 to 22 for aggro
- 24-28 for control
- approx. 15 for combo

If the deck is multicolor, I have identified the colors and support all colors, beginning with the most used one
I have included nonbasic lands to help stream-line my manabase for a multicolor deck
I have selected creatures that I want to include in my deck, and they support the type of deck I'm building
Aggro deck - the creatures are relatively powerful and low cost.
Control deck - the creatures are versatile and have controlling abilities
Combo deck - the creatures are a part of or help make the combo work
My creatures are affordable and can be played before I lose the game

I have selected noncreature spells that are focused towrads the goal of my deck.

- Aggro: Rancor
- Control: Counterspell
- Combo: Dark Ritual

I have included creatures or spells that serve as removal and/or help my deck get around obstacles.

- Viridian Shaman
- Oblivion Ring, etc.
I have included cards that will help me get around other players' decks within my play group
If my deck needs it, it has draw power or a way to get more cards
My spells are playable and my mana base supports them
My cards fit the mana curve for the type of the deck, and are not all the same cost
There are 60 or as close to 60 cards in this deck as possible
I have tested my deck and it has shown consistency


So the real question at this point is...

What are you waiting for?

With all this information and having it presented so well (and beautifully I might add) right at your mouse pointer, what is holding you back?

Becoming a member of The Casual Planeswalker family is more than a book.

It’s a way of life that we want to share with you.


Real quick - I want to let you know about our 100% guarantee:

If your playgroup and friends aren't JEALOUS of your new-found deck building skills, I will personally refund every penny, no questions asked!

The Casual Planeswalker, LLC



Buy Now


PS: There really is no risk here. If your mother looks at the cover and sees our mascot’s hoodie to be offensive, then your money is on its way back (It is a nice hoodie purchased through a reputable imaginary clothier, and we promise it’s not imaginary gang paraphernalia).

PPS: I’m still up for ideas making the psychic monkey thing work if you have any. I think we are on to something here.

PPPS: You better not have just scrolled down to the bottom of the page just now without reading it! There was some free stuff in there, and I would be bummed if you didn’t at least get that!


**No, we didn’t patent the checkmark. If you thought I was serious, I apologize- I also think you are silly and probably wear a silly hat.


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