M12 Sample Pre-con Decklists – Green

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As they did for M11, Wizards is providing stores across the country with 30-card Sample Decks to give out to people who are interested in trying Magic for the first time. People showing up to claim promos from Duels of the Planeswalkers  are likely targets, but if you ever wanted to give you friend an easy, no commitment way to try out the game, these are a good way to do it.

Also, if you’ve been thinking about getting into Magic yourself, there’s no better time to grab a friend, head down to your local shop, and give it a try.


Green Deck A


12  Forest


1  Alpha Tyrranax
1  Ezuri’s Archers
2  Garruk’s Companion
1  Gladecover Scout
1  Llanowar Elves
2  Runeclaw Bear
1  Sacred Wolf
2  Tangle Mantis

Other Spells:

1  Hunter’s Insight
1  Lead the Stampede
1  Lure
1  Plummet
1  Slice in Twain
1  Titanic Growth
1  Trollhide


Green Deck B 


12  Forest


1  Acidic Slime
1  Brindle Boar
1  Cudgel Troll
2  Giant Spider
2  Leeching Bite
1  Quilled Slagwurm
1  Stampeding Rhino
1  Stingerfling Spider
2  Vastwood Gorger
2  Viridian Emissary

Other Spells:

1  Arachnus Web
2  Rampant Growth
1  Withstand Death

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