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Posted by Joshua - April 5, 2010 - Blog - 3 Comments

Welcome to the first of many posts on Magic: The Gathering with your new source for what’s hot, Josh. Together we will uncover the hot, the not-so-hot, and the downright newsworthy things happening in the Multiverse. I imagine that most people here have found this site thanks to a deep appreciation of Magic and its ability to offer hours of endless fun and enjoyment with like-minded individuals. That is, like minded assuming that you aren’t the only Timmy playing in a group of Spikes. In that case I weep for you and my soul reaches out to you. My advice? Find some new friends (just kidding… sort of).

I have been mulling back and forth between topics to enter the blogging community (it’s no easy task deciding how to enter a new world), and I found inspiration from Mark Rosewater’s two part series, Fun-Off part 1 and part 2 from a few weeks ago. The theme of those articles reminded me of the ideals on which The Casual Planesalker was founded. Good times with good friends (and of course some caffeinated beverages and pizza). This blog will be focusing on things that we at The Casual Planeswalker find fun and interesting for not only you and your playgroup but us as well. I sincerely hope that you enjoy making the journey with us. We are growing fast so be sure to check back soon for all sorts of fun new things from your new source for casual Magic: The Gathering pleasure!


  • juan ocampo says:

    what’s going on yo! I’ve been on and off magic. I played a lot in college. But, now that I have a job and moved away I rarely see some of my magic buddies. Also, one of the reasons I was starting to move away from magic was that standard is very expensive to play, and I’m starting to find more and more players going to EDH. Whatever happened to casual magic? When a 20/1 flying zombie would hit you second turn. When 1,000,000,000 squirrels attacked and then would all easily be blocked by 1 creature that didn’t die. When 15 16/16 rats with haste was looked at as a fun deck and not something that was broken and then no one wanted to go against you anymore. Maybe it’s me? I think finding new players will be the answer.

  • juan ocampo says:

    Are y’all going to start doing anything for Scars of Mirrodin? Spoilers? Maybe some old combos that can be amp-ed by this new set?

  • Josh says:

    We plan to do that and more. The incredible success of our membership is proof that you are not alone in your search for the casual gamer. We are excited at the prospect of the upcoming weeks and will be keeping all of our members updated with all of the new things (I also have seen a sneak peek of this week’s Casual Chronicle, and something tells me that you will get a kick out of the card of the week).

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